Chocolate Frappuccino Without Coffee

That’s when I knew it was time to learn how to make my favorite Starbucks beverages at home.It did take a long time to figure out how to get the right taste and texture of these wonders.

Cafe Bateel

Decided to start with my favorite one and since chocolate:

anything is always on the agenda for something sweet, it was this Frappe to start. After many taste tests with my family and of course me, I finally came up with the winning recipe. My husband thought it reminded him of a New York egg cream soda. If you have ever had one of those, they are made with club soda or seltzer, however, this is not.

Chocolate syrup.:

He thought the taste was similar. I’m thinking the chocolate syrup gives it a similar flavor since egg creams are loaded with ( Maybe I will work on one of those beverages soon.)  My family all gave this creamy, chocolaty frappe a thumbs up.  It’s pretty darn close to the original.

check out my copycat version

So, please of the ever popular double chocolate chip frappuccino. On top of being so simple to make with basically one step, the second step is just pouring into the cup and topping off with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, it’s seriously divine. No one I made this for could tell the difference between the original and this one.

Just a note.:

This particular Frappuccio does not contain coffee. I know what you are thinking, it’s Starbucks, where is the coffee? There are a few Starbucks chilled beverages that do not contain coffee. That is the reason I make this for my son as well as my grown daughter and hubby. You can always add a shot of brewed  then chilled coffee or espresso for a mocha flavor. The chocolate will still shine though.