Nine Greatest Doner kebabs in Dubai

Nine Greatest Doner kebabs in Dubai

Nine greatest Doner kebabs in Dubai
Below are the top picks of ours for the very best Doner dishes in Dubai

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You’ve the choice to purchase your Doner in ways that are different – 1. wrapped around bread as it is traditionally served street style, two. As aPilav Ustu served about grain, three. Babaji Iskender style, that is served with eggplant rather than bread and five. As a Tombik Doner, served within a bun shaped flatbread referred to as pide ekmek.

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Doner Kabab
Their Doners are created using beef as well as chicken fillets shipped from Germany. Their Doners are generally served with a slim crispy Turkish bread which they handmade. It’s among the leading Doners you are able to enjoy at an inexpensive cost. Location: Multiple places. Price: Dh33 because of the sandwich.
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Beef Doner
Their amount is extremely good for the great price. plus their meat is adored by a lot of. They produce the Turkish Gyros in a conventional manner and therefore are recognized for the speedy service of theirs and fast shipping. Location: Multiple places. Price: Dh29 just for the classic sandwich

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Beef Doner
It has existed for more than a decade and also offers authentic Turkish food. The environment is fairly simple and on rare occasions the meals is usually far more miss than hit, nevertheless Doner are actually great and reasonable priced.
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O’DONER: Moving onto one thing with a complete Turkish vibe taking place. O’Doner is an informal eatery, in which you are able to sit and enjoy a food, while still feeling as you are in a beautiful small bistro in Turkey, because of the Mosaic tiles, colourful decoration and seats on the walls. Locations: Golden Mile and la Mer over the Palm. Price: Dh68 because of the sandwich.
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It is not as’ fast food’ as you may believe, primarily due to the flavor and the somewhat high price tag. The way It’s good authentic Turkish food. Their Doner is served a lot less as a sandwich and much more in platter type over a level of heavy bread, butter and a great dollop of yoghurt. Price: Dh79 a platter.
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HUQQA AND The Market and the MARKET:Huqqa have 2 kinds of Doner kebab. The Doner meats is served to a brioche bun with toppings and sauces. The caliber of meat at Huqqa generally is very high, therefore you’d expect their Doner be quality that is top, particularly since you’re paying the big money for it. Price: Dh99 for any Doner platter and also the Doner burger.

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Zouzou Doner
ZOUZOU: ZouZou is sold as a Lebanese Turkish area which offers a number of cold and hot mezze and mixed grills. Both of that overlap on both countries. Zouzou tends to make a mean variety of Doner dishes like Doner Durum, a Tombik as well as their prominent Doner Iskender Kebab.

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It’s somewhat on the bigger priced scale, though it is quite worthwhile the moment you try the delicious food of theirs. Price: Dh68 for a sandwich.